Jul 07, 2013

Cafe thoughts..

May 8, 2013

Wandering around the city one evening, I stumbled into this nice little cafe to grab some coffee. As I sat and stared out of the window, sipping slowly I watched the taxis zoom down the street and couldn’t help but to smile. Although I had been here a year already, sitting in this random cafe, in the middle of New York City, with my laptop and notebook out, I felt so excited and inspired all over again. I had realized once again that I was actually living yet still chasing a lifelong dream of mine. Things weren’t exactly how I had envisioned them at the time, but sure enough I knew I was definitely moving in the right direction and was incredibly thrilled about everything so far. It’s these little moments I want to remember forever so I capture them in pictures. They remind me of where I’ve been, how far I’ve come, and they serve as motivation to keep me moving! Just a few cafe thoughts..

Dreaming to inspire, fearlessly facing challenges, aspiring to achieve greatness, meeting incredibly awesome people, striving to gain knowledge, adventuring into the unknown and learning along the way, taking pictures everyday, I’m just building a life in the city of my dreams.