A collection of thoughts I deemed worth sharing.. with the hopes of inspiring, provoking thought, and just providing a glimpse to my inner workings.

New Site… Baby Steps

Welp, just finished the creation of my new site. It still has more work to be done before it’s finished but definitely time for a fresh start. My last blog post was in 2013, but there are so many experiences in between that I’d like to go back and share, much of which have brought […]


Corner Coffee Shop Thoughts

Realizing your dream is coming to life right before you very eyes… PRICELESS.


Cafe thoughts..

May 8, 2013 Wandering around the city one evening, I stumbled into this nice little cafe to grab some coffee. As I sat and stared out of the window, sipping slowly I watched the taxis zoom down the street and couldn’t help but to smile. Although I had been here a year already, sitting in […]