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Holiday Marketing, Pinterest Shopping And More Digital Developments This Week

Holiday Marketing, Pinterest Shopping And More Digital Developments This Week

As this story goes to virtual press, there remains no verdict in the United States presidential election. The verdict on social media companies’ performance during the election is out, too.

It could be a long way from being determined as they’re in the thick of dealing with how to respond to misinformation about vote counting. Meanwhile, the holiday shopping season is right around the corner, and e-commerce and social media firms are gearing up for one that is likely to be held online in a manner unheard of in previous years. We explore holiday marketing strategies suiting this unusual time and four other topics in our rundown of digital news this week.

1. California’s Proposition 24

Big tech was on the ballot in California, where voters passed Proposition 24, which toughens consumers’ privacy rights by allowing them to prevent companies from sharing their data and correct inaccurate personal information. The new law will undoubtedly have an impact across the country as the likes of Facebook and Google adjust to it. Learn more here.

2. TikTok Creators’ Big Win

A group of TikTok influencers each with over a million followers filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration’s TikTok ban and won. They argued they’d lose followers and income from the ban, and a judge ruled the hypothetical risk of TikTok proposed by the Trump administration wasn’t enough to outweigh the public interest. Learn more here.

3. Pinterest’s Shopping Solutions

Pinterest is inviting brands to join them next week to learn more about its new suite of shopping solutions. Join Pinterest’s ad product and creative strategy teams on Thursday for a deep dive into how to set up shop and generate sales on Pinterest. Learn more and register here.

4. Holiday Marketing Ideas

According to Salesforce, up to 30% of retail sales in the United States are expected to happen on digital channels this year, and holiday shopping will start sooner than in years past. Instagram marketing platform Later is offering holiday marketing ideas to help brands take advantage of the online shift. Click here to find out about six ways, including holiday-themed giveaways and customer appreciation campaigns, to get creative with holiday marketing.

5. Beauty Brands’ TikTok Success

Beauty brands such as NYX and E.l.f Cosmetics have found TikTok success through paid campaigns. Now, many brands are focusing on achieving brand awareness on the app with unpaid efforts. Glossy touched base with MBX on its brands Kaja and I Dew Care to chronicle their rises on TikTok. Read more about the company’s TikTok tactics here.

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