Jul 08, 2020

Setting Small Business Goals in 2020 and Beyond

Presented by Later

Set your small business up for success with small, attainable goals. Entrepreneur and small business owner Katie Ruddell, owner of Kokomo, a plant-based cafe in Vancouver, is helping you set (and manifest) your small business goals for 2020 & beyond in this #InstagramGoals2020 course!✨

Here’s what Katie covers in the workshop:

⚡ Create a 10 Year Vision for Your Life and Business

⚡ Set, 1, 5, and 10-year goals to bring your vision to life

⚡ Share Your Goals with Confidence

⚡ Achieve Your Goals with Actionable Steps and a Work-Back Plan

⚡ Bring Your Goals into Your Everyday Life with Daily Manifestation Prompt

You can also follow Katie on Instagram—connect with her and keep in touch after you complete the goals workshop.