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Download This App For A Daily Dose of Motivation

Download This App For A Daily Dose of Motivation

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One of the best things I did with my cellphone was turning off unnecessary notifications. I found myself constantly barraged by updates and reminders from so many apps including news, social media, workout, organization, emails, etc.

Push notifications steal our focus and force our attention towards things we might not have the time or mental capacity to deal with at the moment. Mobile applications demand us to be constantly plugged in and they use push reminders to keep re-engaging us. We behave like checking our phone every two minutes is normal, but it doesn’t have to be.

After removing non-critical notifications, I felt better knowing I had more control over my attention by choosing to open apps at my own leisure. I still receive breaking news notifications, but they’re not always the most uplifting. I’ve filled my social feed with feel-good accounts, but it still wasn’t enough.

I thought I was completely done with push notifications until I wanted inspiration delivered to me at random times. I knew there had to be an app for that, so I tried a few and landed on the Motivation App. This mobile app delivers inspirational quotes from select categories with the option to easily share with others or on social media.

You can select general interest topics and set the number of reminders and time frames for the notifications. I like to receive 3 notifications throughout the day and it provides me nice pick-me-up messages when I’m not expecting them. You can also place a widget on your home screen that rotates with new quotes throughout the day.

I use the basic free version and it has enough features for me to enjoy the app, but you can choose to unlock more exclusive content and customizable themes with the premium plan for a low cost of $1.83/month billed annually at $21.99/year.

I know there are countless motivational and affirmation apps out there but I’ll only be sharing my favorites as I discover and use them. If you have any other suggestions on motivational or inspirational apps to check out, drop a comment below! Keep motivated and stay inspired!

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