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Holiday Marketing, Pinterest Shopping And More Digital Developments This Week

This week users followed the US presidential results online and prepare for the upcoming digital holiday shopping season.

TikTok’s Shopify Play, Instagram’s Livestream Lengthening And More Social Media News This Week

This week users followed the US presidential results online and prepare for the upcoming digital holiday shopping season.

On Social Media This Week, People Confront Dangerous Climates Online And Offline

This week users took to social media to speak about the dangerous state of the climate, offline and online.

This Week In Social Media: How Different Platforms Are Impacted By Political Machinations

This election cycle, the line between social media and politics has become blurred, if not completely obliterated. As each social platform tries to navigate the political landscape and keep up with consumer and government demands, entrepreneurs are often scrambling to keep up with social media best practices for growing their business.

Social Media On Defense: Five Developments From The Digital Week That Was
Just when you thought this year couldn’t get any tougher, this week brought protests and…
From Activism To Advertising, Five Social Media Developments From This Week

As global citizens, it’s crucial to keep up on the good and bad of social media, and to think about how we and our businesses participate in both.

This Week In Social Media: Platforms Address Misinformation And Bullying

Most businesses don’t want to be involved with social media companies that cause the world to be a worse place, and the social media companies realize that. This week, I note moves they’re making to improve their operations and other social media developments of interest to beauty entrepreneurs.

This Week In Social Media News: Banning TikTok And An End To The Facebook Advertising Boycott

This week in my wrap-up of social media news, I reflect on the effects of Stop Profit for Hate, the Facebook advertising boycott, TikTok’s uncertain future and the toll social media is taking on our mental health.

The Challenging #ChallengeAccepted Challenge And Other Social Media News This Week

Viral social media challenges illustrate that important issues can be lost in wildfire movements spreading different messages and the origins of digital phenomenon are difficult to pinpoint. They also remind us that, in a rapid social media environment, it’s often helpful to take a beat to dive into back stories.

This Week In Social Media: Fundraising, Facebook Alternatives And More

To help beauty entrepreneurs preserve time and contemplate strategies for maximizing their spend, I’ve been tracking the latest news in the social media universe. This week, companies rolled out initiatives and reconsidered their business models as the pandemic continued to rock advertising revenue.